Top 10 mac eyeshadows for hazel eyes

Top 10 Mac Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

The mind can be read by looking at the eyes. The top 10 mac eyeshadows will help your hazel eyes pop. Do you know the types of human eyes? Brown, green, blue, and Hazel are normally seen in almost every area. You are very lucky to have the two characteristics with Hazel eyes. Hazel is a combination of brown and green colors. If you wish to know the brown eye’s personality and makeup process you can look at a glance. 

Sometimes, it’s not possible to go to a beauty parlor or beauty salon for the shortage of time. So, you can’t try any products, rather it’s better to choose some brands that make your eyes pop. MAC eyeshadow can be your expected matching cosmetics. Try to learn about the best eyeshadow for your nice hazel eyes. You should attend, am I pretty quiz accurate for knowing how beautiful you are!

Top 10 Best Mac Eyeshadows List for Hazel Eyes

  • Mac All that glitters
  • Mac Nylon Eyeshadow Dupe
  • Mac Mulch Eyeshadow
  • Mac Woodwinked
  • Mac Haux Eyeshadow
  • Mac Quad Eyeshadow
  • Mac Satin Taupe
  • Mac Omega Eyeshadow
  • Mac Wedge Eyeshadow
  • Mac Quarry Eyeshadow

1.  Mac All that Glitters Eyeshadow

There is a proverb that says, “All that glitters is not gold”. But don’t be a fool hearing “All that Glitters” a name of eyeshadow that makes the eyes pop. Most girls and women like this shadow. Although, it has less glitter and more sheeny characteristics. It works well as a single shadow on the lids. 


  • Make a high-quality smooth texture.
  • Fits nicely with skin.
  • Pigmentation is very good.
  • Usable at any time of the day and night.
  • No chances of the skin fading.

2. Mac Nylon Eyeshadow Dupe

Nylon is known as icy eyeshadow. This is the soft golden eyeshadow with pale yellow colored. Works great to bring out the frosty look. It is Effective for 3-4 hours due to its glow effect.


  • Smoothly blended and pigmented.
  • In nature pale yellow color.
  • Also effective in wet or dry skin.
  • Available for different textures and finishes.
  • Works great with hazel eyes and fair skin to medium skin tones.
  • Long-lasting shadow for special occasions. 

3.  Mac Mulch Eyeshadow

Mac Mulch is a medium brown glossy eyeshadow. Looks like a smooth and buttery. Easily blended and skin tones are flattering.


  • Pearly finish.
  • Pigmentation grade is 5/5 and texture grade 4/5.
  • Ease of use- 5/5.
  • Looks great when applied with “All that Glitters”.
  • 6 hours long-lasting, so lasting grade- ⅘.

4.  Mac Haux Eyeshadow

  • Rosy and light brown eyeshadow. 
  • Smooth pigmented and super-smooth texture.
  • Satin type finishing.
  • Works great with every highlighter.

5. Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

The medium-dark, warm tones of gold bronze are woodwinked. Although its pigmentation is opaque, it is soft, light, and dense in nature.


  • Make bronze brown shades.
  • Rich in velvet buttery texture.
  • Needs primer for not to fade color.

6. Mac Quad Eyeshadow


  • Available in 4 types of shade.
  • satin and frost finish.
  • Candy pink and soft in nature. That’s why it’s best in quad eyeshadow. 
  • Decent pigmentation. 

7. Mac Satin Taupe


  • Satin describes silver shimmer. 
  • Smooth, creamy, and slightly dense.
  • Long lasted for 8 hours before fading.
  • Velvety texture.

8. Mac Omega Eyeshadow


  • Dirty beige and darker, neutral undertones matte finish.
  • Has opaque pigmentation in a single layer. 
  • Creamy and quality substances. 
  • It’s also long-lasting.

9. Mac Wedge Eyeshadow


  • Soft, muted, and deep yellow-brown matte finish.
  • Bit lighter than the permanent version.
  • Dusty texture with sheerer coverage.
  • Have some types of pigmentation.

10. Mac Quarry Eyeshadow


  • Muted, medium gray tones, and matte finish.
  • Semi-opaque, soft, smooth, and blendable.
  • Colors become Fade after 8 hours.
  • Product category A-.

What Colors Make Hazel Eyes Pop?

It totally depends on your pigmentation level. If you have lots of pigment then you are the owner of brown eyes and very small pigmentation means blue eyes. The combination of the two’s is green or hazel eyes. So, it’s your choice what color you like most, choose one among the top 10 mac eyeshadows for your hazel eyes. 

At last, before using the best eyeshadows to your eyes- understand how to use the natural eyeshadow step by step. Buy Mac eyeshadows at your affordable price from a trustable place. I think you will be very pretty by using mac top 10 eyeshadows. But, always remember before bad try to use natural makeup remover to clean your face at night. 

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