Top 10 mac eyeshadows for hazel eyes

It may become daunting to see shelves of a hundred different eyeshadow palettes, and due to your beautiful hazel eyes, you got no idea from where to start your hunt. What colours go great with your eyes, what palette should you try, or sometimes you even get stuck in the colour combos. 

If so, then look no further! We have got you covered.

Choosing the perfect color for your eyes can be overwhelming, but clinging to basic techniques will make your moves much easier. Apparently, women can wear any eyeshadow hue and flaunt it to rock it. But choosing the right shade will not only enhances your eyes but gives you an extraordinary makeup look that you may have ever wished for. 

So, here are some best mac eyeshadows for hazel-coloured eyes for you so can leave the warmth of your presence wherever you go. If you wish to know brown eye’s personality and makeup process you can look at a glance. 

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A List of Complementary Colours 

In our art class we all have come to the point where we learned about the color wheel. The colors opposite to each other are called complementary colors – that means the colors that are opposite suit best to each other – an example of the phrase ‘opposite attracts’ 😉 

So, if your eyes are hazel (even greenish or brown) the complementary colour for your eyes is purple. When you seek eyeshadows for your hazel eyes, look around the purple shades, gold, bronze, and even warm brown. These colours pair well and make your droopy eyes pop at the same time. Mascara is another way to show off your hazel eyes gleam. They also come with the most popular eyeshadow shades. Eyeshadow mascaras have a creamy powdered texture that sticks to your eyes and lasts longer than anything. 

Check out this colour guide for the best eyeshadow colours for beautiful hazel eyes. 

GoldsPurplesWarm brownBronze
GingerKinCrushBright Eyes
BlondieAmethystLeoYou complete me
StardustBend and SnapValenciaCafe Macchiato

Eyeshadow Color Palette and Color Combo Ideas

While looking at these fabulous ranges of eyeshadows it begins to overwhelm like what are the correct combos that work great for you? Let’s try a rule of thumb over here to help you in making a good combo fit. The rule is to pick 1 light color, 2 colors with medium shades, and a darker shade. This way you can make a different shade every time when you mix and match them together. When you purchase a set of 4 eyeshadows you get them in a quad compact, on purchasing a set of 8 eyeshadows, you will get them in HAC stack compact, and while you purchase 10 eyeshadows palette you will get them in a Double-decker. 

It’s not a secret anymore that when it comes to choosing a brand that delivers everything you need, no one can beat MAC eyeshadows. 

How? Let’s find out. 

No One Can Beat MAC When It Comes To Eyeshadow Selection 

You may have encountered several other products for eyeshadows and the market is even saturated with affordable products. Regardless of knowing the pros and cons of the product people are actually buying them. But MAC collection still stands out among every eyeshadow product due to its lasting effects, wide range of pigment and powdered collection, and the high quality it delivers every time that worth your money. If you are a trend follower you would be staying forever with MAC, as it is a trendsetter. 

What Makes MAC A Perfect Fit For Hazel Eyes? 

The shimmer and creamy MAC powder melts in the lids and magnifies their beauty. People who possess a wider area around their eyes and eyebrows can easily escalate the charisma of their hazel eyes without making them extra stuffed with the product. The colors can be even better when they are mixed together with a darker shade especially with the hazel eyes. 

To know more about what MAC products and the colors will satiate your hazel eyes needs, we have picked some best MAC eyeshadows for Hazel-colored eyes so that you can have a look and opt for one by following some hints above. 

1.  MAC Eye Shadow X 9 Palette – Burgundy Times Nine 

Featuring eyeshadows that can be applied smoothly and evenly throughout the area. The palette is stored in a sturdy case and its handy size makes it a perfect travel partner. Use a damp brush to get the desired results.

2. Mac Eyeshadow Palette # Dusty Rose Times Nine

Bringing you great value against the price, Dusty rose shades are everyday wearable with nine natural colors. The shades give you a mood to add a shimmery ratio as all the colors are so dense and nicely pigmented. Try out some swatches to make your perfect shade for the day. 

3.  MAC Eyeshadow Palette X15 in The Fresh

The product is really amazing if you are looking for shades that give your eyes an all-new look. The natural shades of the kit will definitely make you redo your old pictures. 

4.  MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Legendary Lure

One of the products that can merely be described in words. You have to use it and feel the smooth gliding pigment color that gives you a royal sensation throughout the day. 

5. MAC Art Library Nude Model Eyeshadow Palette

The stunning shimmer and naturally hued that leans slightly than clearly warm tones. If you like to add matte shades to your collection, then it is the perfect product to do so. 

6. MAC Dazzle Shadow Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

A warm-toned formula with the medium-dark plum along with the sparkle finish. The Dazzle eyeshadow is an ideal product for the hazel eyes as it touches a purpled hue that elevates the charm of your eyes.

7. MAC Enchanted Eve Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Nude (Limited Edition)

The best part of this eyeshadow palette is that it can be used for lip and face as well. So if you are travelling, just put the compact in your bag and you are good to go.

8. MAC Eye Shadow Matte, espresso, 0.0459 Ounce (M25013)

The product contains excellent pigmentation and is blended so well that the consistency of the colors bring out self-love when you apply them. Furthermore, it stayed well for a longer period of time. 

9. MAC Girls Palette # Risk Taker

The product is apparently soft that you will be amazed to see how easily they scoot on your lids. The shimmers are shiny and the collection of colors can make you fall in love with the shades. 

10. MAC Girls Palette # Qween Supreme

It’s time to add a little drama to your eyes with the rich tones of the metallic eyeshadows. Try out some swatches before applying them if you’re going for dinner – we know you will rock the night.

What Colors Make Hazel Eyes Pop?

It totally depends on your pigmentation level. If you have lots of pigment then you are the owner of brown eyes and very small pigmentation means blue eyes. The combination of the two’s is green or hazel eyes. So, it’s your choice what color you like most, choose one among the top 10 mac eyeshadows for your hazel eyes. 

At last, before using the best eyeshadows to your eyes- understand how to use the natural eyeshadow step by step. Buy Mac eyeshadows at your affordable price from a trustable place. I think you will be very pretty by using any of these top 10 MAC eyeshadows. But, always remember before you go to bed use a natural makeup remover to clean your face at night. 

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