Makeup steps in order

How to do professional makeup by yourself: Step by step guide

When applying makeup what goes on first? You have to know proper makeup steps in order by order. Most want to know how to apply natural makeup with eye shadow like a pro, that’s why we search for blog articles. In that case, makeup does not fit with the skin. Plus, girls of the era now spend a lot of time and thought behind makeup. However, the color of most people is between black and fair. Skin and grooming, if these two are right, you are looking good. Here the color of one’s is not an issue. We will talk about how to apply natural makeup with eye shadow in this blog article, but first we have to match our skin with different looks. As a result, you can test your personality and beauty

What to Apply on Face before Makeup Steps to Follow in Order?

  • Concealer
  • Makeup Brush
  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Matte
  • Lipstick
  • Highlighter

How to Prepare Your Skin for Makeup?

Do you know that makeup is done according to face shapes? Here we will not only try to know how to use brown eye makeup properly but also others by the face shape. 

Round face

It looks as good as a round face, just as significant. Also, makeup is made to make the round face look slim. Contouring plays a vital role in this regard. With concealer and foundation, you can easily do contouring. Round eyes look great if you use kohl or dark eye shadow to thicken your eyes. When applying the blush, apply a smooth stroke on the cheek, it does not only highlight the cheekbone but also looks slim.

Square face

Choose matte shades for square face contouring. When choosing a shade, keep in mind that it maybe 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Emphasize eye makeup to cover square face angles. You need to add color around the eyes so that your face is clear.

Diamond Shape face

The face of this tail is wider than the cheekbone, but the jaw and forehead are thin. For the contouring of the face of this shape, the jawline and forehead are slightly wider, and the cheekbone is thinner. Rub a blush to the cheekbone.

Choose Dark Peach or Brown Shade instead of Pink Blush. Leave a little space between the two eyebrows to make the forehead look wider. When choosing a lipstick shade, take a matte shade instead of glossy lip color and apply lipstick with a little lip filling.

Oval shape face

When it comes to makeup like this, it looks great. There is no need for more contouring in the face of the Oval Shape. If you want to highlight a cheekbone, you can apply a slightly darker shade bronzer or blush just below the cheekbone with soft brushes.

Maintain eyebrow curves to make your eyes beautiful. And you can feel the professional makeup looks which is drawn by eye shadow following steps in order.

Natural Makeup for Brunettes Color

Brunette Natural Makeup
  1. When it comes to makeup on brunette skin, choose a foundation that is not oily. Use a water-based foundation. In that case, the foundation shade should not be lighter than the skin color, should be taken into account. The shade is as good as the body color.
  1. When using blusher, you can choose shades like Coral-Rose, etc. If the color of the body is too high, use a dark rose pink in the morning and a bronze or plug shade blusher at night. In the evening, before going to a party, you can touch the Gold Shed lightly on the blusher.
  1. Opt for eye makeup, Blue, or Purple with a dark shade. The darker metallic shade will also look good. Eyeliner and mascara will both appear black. If you want to use eyeshadows, you can use golden eyeshadows just the right way.
  1. It is important to choose a standard shade of lipstick in any color. Matte finish lipstick of a slightly pressed shade feels better when the color of the body is pressed. Choose from the shades you like from Blackberry, Caramel, Purple. Match lipstick and apply lip liner. If the lips are black, you can use a little foundation and powder on the lips before applying lipstick.

Makeup for Light Skin Color

Light Face Natural Makeup
  1. The color of the light skin does not attract the darker makeup. So, apply makeup maintain a steps in order basis in such a way as to create a natural look, that will make you more attractive.
  1. Before applying makeup, apply moisturizer on the face, the skin will be fresh all day. Then add the concealer as needed.
  1. Use a slightly lighter shade foundation than the skin color. If you do not want to use the foundation, you can use a matted moisturizer as an alternative.
  1. Again your color is a bit too much, use a light pink shade cream blush. If you want to use a bronzer, lightly rub it on the forehead, cheeks, and nose.
  1. If you want a natural look, avoid excessive shine or glitter in eye makeup with eye shadow. Using black mascara may make the foreskin look more contrasted with the skin. In this case, you can use brown shade mascara. Everything will look good with a metallic eyeshadow or a pastel shade or golden shimmer in the eyeshadow.
  1. There is no barrier to using red or pink shades on the lips of the skin. However, apply gloss with a soft shade of red, pink, or mauve lipstick. Bright red lipstick on the skin is a little eye-catching. But using gloss or shimmer on the lips is nice.

Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  • Using the wrong foundation is a common mistake. Almost everyone does it. In fact, the foundation can ruin your entire outfit, just like you can apply it to your look. The right foundation before buying for years, look at the side of the face, if the foundation blends beautifully with your skin, then this is the right shade for you.
  • The same color of eye shadow and lipstick is enough to ruin your entire makeup. If you use dark shades in the eyes, apply a light color to the lips. Use noodles or peach colored lipstick when doing smokey-eyes.
  • Don’t use lipstick immediately on the lips. Not only does your lips dry, but it also starts to burst. Always use Vaseline when applying lipstick. Then outline the lip liner with the lip shape.


We have tried to make you introduce some tricks and face types by maintaining makeup steps in the order process. Now,  it’s your turn to practice this by yourself. But, keep in mind that before bad you have to clean the makeup with makeup remover. You can also learn a lot about makeup eye shadow lists and briefs.

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