Lip gloss set for teenager

10 Best Surprising Gift Lip gloss Set for Teenager

If you are getting bored by lipstick or want to wish someone, take a lip gloss set for your teenager(10-12 years old) or you can also choose the best one. You know lipstick and lip gloss are not the same in nature. It helps to wet her nice lips. Isn’t it? In the shop, there’s a variety of lip gloss but each cannot match you. So, if you should out from uncovering? Apart from, you have to find also brand lip gloss along at an affordable price. In this review article, we will guide you which lip gloss will be the best by matching your/your guest lips shape.

Types of Lips Shapes

First take a look in the mirror and test yourself in which shape is matched. Hey, what are you seeing? I wish you are thinking normal. But in-depth, tell me what is my(yourself) lip shape. Well, let’s know the types of shapes and find the matching portion.

  • Heart shape lips
  • Round shape lips
  • Thin lips
  • Wide lips
  • Full lips
  • Bow-shaped lips
  • Goldilocks lips

Now, the task is to choose your favorite lip gloss set from the many.

How Many Kinds of Lip Gloss Set for Teenager?

  • Powder lip gloss
  • Liquid Lip gloss
  • Glitter lip gloss
  • Plumper lip gloss
  • Matte lip gloss
  • Serum lip gloss
  • DIY lip gloss
  • Nude lip gloss

Best Lip Gloss Set for Teenager

Although there are so many types of lip gloss, but we will review only a few. All the items (described below) are good for gifting whom you loved.

1) Handaiyan Lip Gloss

  • 5 Pcs per pack.
  • Long-lasting different colors.
  • Paired with high color.
  • Shelf life 3 years.
  • Weight 92g.
  • Size: 14.3×13.7×2.6cm
shamrock58 HANDAIYAN Lip Gloss Big Lips Multicolor Clear Transparent Makeup Moisturizing Extreme Primer
  • It is very moisturizing and does not need lip balm to make a base.It will have good effect if you apply a very thin layer.
  • Oil food would make it fade a little,so you might need to avoid french fries when wearing this lipstick.
  • Helps create a charming and sexy lip for you Mild texture, safe to use, no harm to your lips Suitable for party, banquet or daily life

2) Stila Lip Glaze Gloss Set

  • 8 Pcs per pack.
  • Liquid type.
  • Long lasting and soft texture, easy to wear
  • Transparent lip oil also can be used.
  • Make the lips moisture, bright, and smooth.
  • 3 years’ shelf life
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
Stila Lip Glaze Collection
  • One holiday lip glaze gift set
  • Perfect travel companion
  • A product of the USA

3) Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss

  • Long lasting and soft texture, easy to wear
  • No stains, smears, waterproof and fully matte.
  • Moisture the lips.
  • Also perfect for professionals and home use.
  • Best lip gloss gift set for your friends and family members and teenager.
  • Size is 4.88 x 4.29 x 0.87 inches;
  • Weight 0.47 Ounces
Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss 0.47oz/14ml (5PCS Mint & Coconut & Rosehip & Mango Butter & Argan Oil) (5 PCS SET)
  • Soothes Cracked Lips
  • Reduces Fine Lines on Lips, Moisturizes & Heals and Contains Vitamin A
  • Hydrates Lips, Locks in Moisture and Shine without Stickiness

4) Beauty Glazed Lip Gloss

  • 6 Pcs per pack.
  • Waterproof.
  • Velvet Matte effect, long-lasting.
  • For more moisture use lip balm but it won’t long last so much time.
  • Have to use cleansing oil to remove its effect as it’s a little bit hard.
  • Weight 100g.
  • Size 15*9.5*2 cm
Beauty Glazed Lipstick Nude 6PCS Matte Liquid Lip Gloss Moisturizing Waterproof Lips Makeup set Durable Lipgloss Mini Birthday Edition Long Wearing Matte Lipstick Set
  • Total of 6 Colors Lip Stick Set, full size tubes.Charming matte,long lasting and waterproof,easy to remove with lip cleansing oil
  • Easy to carry. Compact design makes it easy to store and carry when you are traveling.Because it is a matte Velvety effect, after using the upper lip gloss may be slightly dry and stick , it is recommended to use lip balm first,it can help you to moisturize and stay on all day
  • You can even choose the several color mixture to apply the lips. matte matte dry only lightly purse one's lips, otherwise it will stick, painted lip gloss finish is dry because is fog surface velvet effect 

5) CmaaDu liquid Lipstick Nude Lip Gloss

  • 10 Pcs per pack.
  • Waterproof, long-lasting, and light color.
  • Easy to wear, no tightness.
  • Shelf life 3 years.
  • Size 23.8*14.7*2.5cm.
  • Weight 3g*10.

6) Ice- Cream Lip Gloss

  • 5 Pcs per pack.
  • Quality color, long-lasting, high-quality moist texture.
  • Light and thin, flowing, and juicy.
  • Nourished from inside out.
  • Shelf life 4 years.

7) Broadway Lip Gloss

  • Available 8 colors.
  • Cool in nature.
  • Good quality and refreshing ingredients.
  • Repair the cracked lips.
Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss 0.47oz/14ml (5PCS Mint & Coconut & Rosehip & Mango Butter & Argan Oil) (5 PCS SET)
  • Soothes Cracked Lips
  • Reduces Fine Lines on Lips, Moisturizes & Heals and Contains Vitamin A
  • Hydrates Lips, Locks in Moisture and Shine without Stickiness

8) Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Gloss

  • 12 Pcs per pack.
  • Full of pigmented and matte velvet effect.
  • Healthy and light strawberry flavor.
  • Type liquid.
  • Lips can a little bit dry, use lip balm for moisturizing.
  • Long-lasting effect and waterproof, use cleansing oil for removal.
  • Weight 342g.
  • Size: 27*15.5cm
12Pcs/Set Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Makeup Classic Waterproof Long Lasting Smooth Soft Reach Colors Full Lips Gloss For Women Gift
  • Color: 1 Set x 12 Colors. Pigmented Lip Gloss Set Bright color, with increased temperature of lips, the color becomes rich and gaudy, make you more charming everyday. With elegant package box, it?s the best choice as a Birthday gift, ceremony present, or business gift.
  • Bright Color: Richly-pigmented lipstick set, the extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out. Lays down vibrant color with matte finish. Deliver fully saturated coverage payoff in just one swipe.
  • Comfortable to use: Lightweight texture and intense hydration offers a zero-gravity silky feel. Full-size lip gloss of the most popular colors. Charming matte, long lasting and waterproof, Not stick cup, do not fade. Become a fog surface velvet effect.

9) Babo vegan Lip gloss

  • 4 Pcs per pack.
  • Hydrates, soften the lips.
  • It has plant-based ingredients.
  • Preservative free and gently nourished.
  • Size 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.75 inches.
Babo Botanicals 70+% Organic Nutri-Shine Luminizer Vegan Lip Gloss Gift Set - 4- pack 0.14 oz.
  • 100% GOOD FOR YOU: These lip gloss hydrate lips, leaving a high gloss finish. This giftset includes 3 innovative, soft lip tints: Nude Pearl, Brilliant Guava, Jewel Hibiscus and Radiant Mulberry
  • SMOOTH AND HEALTHY LIPS: Specifically developed as a non-sticky and hydrating lip gloss. Gently nourishes and softens lips. Colored with minerals, not dyes. Preservative free.
  • PLANT-BASED & HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULA: Specially formulated with pure ingredients including natural coconut oil, cocoa butter, and soothing organic calendula for smooth lips. Vegan friendly.

10) Ownest Lip gloss

  • 24 Pcs per pack.
  • matte velvety is 20 colors and 4 are shining lip gloss.
  • Nonstick cup, waterproof, long-lasting
  • Don’t use lip balm until dry.
  • Preferable for all seasons.
  • Size 22.6 x 20cm.
Ownest 12 Color Lipstick Set, Matte Velvet Lip Gloss,Long Lasting Waterproof Lipstick Set,Fashionable Colors Lip Gloss Set-12pcs
  • 【Affordable High-end Lipstick Set】Our lipstick set absorb the advantages of famous brands, create a high-end and affordable lipstick set for customers, are the most popular color of the era, can be comparable with famous brands.
  • 【Suitable for Different Occasions】Lipstick set has 12 different colors, different color numbers, you can choose according to your daily wear, so that you are not the same every day, to respond to different occasions, to fully display your personal charm, to create changeable beautiful you.


So, all the lip glosses are the best and uncommon gift set for teenager. Buy the one that you may like. I think it will make your lover or friends happy. You will get an extra facility from them. Any cannot be gifting her favorite persons, gifting is possible when others have a great value to you.

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