Describe Brown Eyes

How to describe brown eyes? I am sure you are getting surprised by such questions. Don’t you? Well, 79% of the world population is brown eye color that is more common. 8% -10% has blue, 5% amber or hazel eyes, and 2% has green eyes. Gray and red is a very rare color. Look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to take a look at – the curves, lines, and shapes that make up your features. Just noticed carefully, what’s your eyes color?

In research, it is followed that brown-eyed faces are the most trustworthy than any other. However, you are male or female, it doesn’t depend on your gender. In Asia, the Middle East, Africa has dark brown but it varies from region to region in Europe and the United States. 41% of American people have dark, light, and honey brown eyes. The eye expressed the characteristics of a person.

That is why Shakespeare said – The eyes are the window to your soul. 

How to Describe Beautiful Brown eyes scientifically?

Many thought the eye color is the part of Iris. That’s not actually right. It depends on melanin (a complex polymer, made from amino acid tyrosine). Scientists proved that a single gene controls eye color although if it is brown or hazel or so on. Moreover, 16 different genes are also involved in this system. 

It also determines two factors – 1) Irish pigmentation and 2) Light spreads at the base of the eye. The pigmentation works like a tower. On top of that, you see the light colors and the crystal blue to the green colors. And in the deepest area, it looks like deep brown and dark eyes. 

When babies are born, their eyes often appear in blue. That means the melanin is still developing. Within 12 months it starts to produce melanin. It becomes deeper with creating more melanin. 

What are the Brown Eyes Special Personality Facts?

1. Honest and trustworthy

Although you are not responsible for brown eyes, it is from nature-given. This sign helps people to know your good personality. They are said to be very honest and faithful. The only way to be successful in life is honesty. And they are less likely to stray out from the right path. 

2. Hate the conflict

They hate conflict. They apologize and try to calm the environment. And naturally, they don’t mind. They try to be smiling even in the face of an angry person.

3. Adventurous and fun lovers

All these people are very courageous and fun lovers. They participate in Adventure camps, skydiving, sandboarding and animal hunting. They don’t think about the situations, rather they take the risks. These types of people will try to make you laugh. 

4. Good listeners

The brown-eyed are good listeners. They are very patient, and they grieve and sympathize with the tears of others. In times of danger, they will help from the side. So if you want to make friends, befriend brown-eyed people. They can appreciate others’ face beauty tests.

5. Keeps secrets

They try to keep any conflicting words secret. Relationships are more important to them. They never use conflict words to save the relationship.  

6. Sensitive and not forgetter

Such people are very intensive. They are very touchy. He remembers the rude things that happened to them. This, they keep in mind for a long time. So, never bother them, you won’t get another friend like him/her.

7. Stronger and confident

when it is pointed to the eye, it reflects and possesses qualities such as power, superiority, and self-assurance. they can choose a business that will get the profit. Brown-eyed people are great and valuable. He can empower everyone around himself. 

8. Other qualities

They are very creative. They are always admired in their friend circle. Also very friendly and approachable. They are nature lovers. They are also good lovers and keep everything together with love. Their dresses are well prepared and people are always attracted to them. So, imagine how attractive they are and how I can describe a brown-eyed person!

Eyeshadow Eye Makeup Looks- Brown Eyes

Many women with brown eyes don’t know how to apply eye shadow makeup perfectly in different describe ways. The fact is that they don’t know the right use of the eye color wheel. Nowadays, there is no shortage of such tutorials on the Internet. Brown-eyed women can rock with any eyeshadow. From green to purple, to gold to copper, these eyeshadows can be blended very well with these eyes. Let’s see how to do some makeup art for brown eyes.

1. Silver and black cut crease

Silver and black cut crease

Choose the cut crease make-up process, if you want the drama effect over the eye. For this, there must be some mixing and practice skills. Sugar Peel Makeup’s “Bulletproof” and Motive Cosmetics’ “Vogue Mineral Shadow” should be used for these eyeshadows.

2. Gold Eye makeup look

The gold eyeshadow on the eyes makes it brighter. First, to create a cut crease on your eyes, draw a line with the winged liner brush. Blend the cut crease line with a blending brush, make sure of any hard line there. Apply concealer under the crease and rub well. Apply gold glitter eyeshadow on the eyelids for brown eyes describe. Also use black gel liner with it. At last, highlight the brow and finish the process. 

3. Black smokey eye

Black smokey eye

On white skin, black smokey eyeshadow makes you more beautiful. Before using black eyeshadow, first, it should be applied to the eyeshadow base. The base color will smooth the skin and make the blending process easier.

4. Purple eyeshadow and blue water line

Purple Works great with Blue waterline on the brown-eyed. If you want to make you different from others, take over the dimension. Don’t forget to highlight the inside with a shimmery eyeshadow. This lookup will make your eyes better and brighter.

5. Dark blue eyes makeup

Dark blue eyes makeup

The combination of black and blue makes your brown eyes more attractive. Blue shows the opposite behavior against the warmth of brown eyes. The use of turquoise glitter in the inner corner makes your eyes more unique.


Brown eyes are very attractive to describe. Any types of makeup will blend easily with brown eyes. These people are very soft minded and friendly. just, you should chose the right makeup.

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