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How To Apply Natural Eye Shadow Perfectly: Step by Step Guide

Natural eye shadow!!! What do you mean by eye shadow? How to apply? That really makes your eyes noticeable and attractive! Eye shadow-a type of cosmetic that is applied to the eyelids (upper and lower folds of the skin or the eye). It can play a significant role in understanding the depth and thickness of the eyes. It’s only applicable to women, but in many places, men also. These cosmetics are more commonly used when we go out, or at a party, even actors and actresses also apply for stage or theatre performances.

Based on skin acceptance, makeup makes people draw attention. Not just to use, have to use in such a way that looks like the eye has not been given anything. Due to its variety of eyes, different colors can be applied. So, we have to know how many types of eyes, types of eye shadow, and the methods of applying them. Let’s discuss natural makeup for eyes in this blog article.

Types of Eye Shadow that Retains Your Natural Look

Usually, five kinds of Eye shadows are seen in the shop. 

  • Powder eye shadow
  • Liquid eye shadow
  • Cream eye shadow
  • Pigment eye shadow
  • Crayon/ Stick eye shadow

Introducing of Different Eye Shadows

Powder Eyeshadow – 

To women, powder eyeshadows are the most popular. Because it’s less likely to have powder on the eyelids. These eyeshadows are easy to apply, control, and create.

Liquid eyeshadow – 

Eyeshadows and lip glosses are the same. So many make the mistake of recognizing them as they both are liquid. Liquid eyeshadow is a liquid pigment that is easily applicable. It’s not as dense as a cream eyeshadow, but smoother than a powder shadow. It has the power to mix with skin in a few seconds and dries so fast.  

Cream Eyeshadow – 

It adds more texture to the skin and can be easily blended. Most natural cream eye shadow for makeup has a glossy base, so they can be used without a primer. This works better for dry eyes. But its color comes in minimal form, so you can’t get a vast choice. 

Pigment Eyeshadow – 

Pigment eye shadow usually refers to loose powder, which can be used on eyelids. They are often shiny.

Crayon Eyeshadow – 

It does not require any type of brushes to use. Therefore, it’s possible to travel with a handbag. Since it is super pigmented, the color becomes pop.

How to Choose Eye Shadow for Different Eyes

As people are different in the region, eye shape is also different. Like fingerprints, each eye color is specific to it. The eye shapes express your beauty too. Let’s see what the shape and color of the eyes can be.

There are six types of eye color and shape. 

  • Brown eyes – Round shape
  • Hazel eyes – Monolid shape
  • Blue eyes – Hooded shape
  • Green eyes – Downturned shape
  • Gray eyes – Upturned shape
  • Black eyes – Almond shape

Note that it’s actually seen only the color and the shape. So, don’t think it will be tailored to the eye color. 

Brown-eyed women can wear any type of color in their eyelids. If you want a dramatic look, choose the dark colors. Salmon and Bronzy Gold’s makeup eye shadows look more beautiful in this type of eye. Dressing in pink or green color and use makeup will bring your brown eyes properly and make them pop.

Hazel eyed are called the middle position of green and brown eyes. These types are best for color applying. If you want a golden look in the eyes, use the golden undertones makeup, you can mix a little bit of yellow powder(make sure safety first). It will make your eyes glow. A light purple and pale pink color will brighten your eyes.

Blue-eyed is a symbol of coolness. The pink color will blur your blue eyes.

Green-eyed  try for purple, mauve, violet, lilac, and plum eye shadow for your eyes. If you want to give a slightly different dimension, you can see the brown with the bronze color.  As you have bright looks, so don’t need vivid colors for enhancement. Please avoid blue shades as it will wash out the beautiful looks. 

Gray eyes are a rare color; it can be colored in many ways. Green, brown, and blue undertones are excellent for this eye.

Black eyes  like brown eyes, black also brings a refreshing canvas for you. Cobalt blue is the best eye shadow for black eyes. For bringing texture, you can use green or metallic shade.   

Brush Set for Eye Shadow Makeup

We found two types of brushes in the cosmetics shop. One is for facial, that looks so fat and another for eyelids, looking thin. Many use these brushes for makeup, but they don’t know their names. As a result, when it needs to be bought, it is seen that she has to face shyness. Here are some brushes for eye shadow that used to make you, natural look.

  • Eyebrow Brush – tapered design, used for taming and styling brows. 
  • Angled Eyeshadow Brush –  long, round and tapered, used for contouring eye makeup
  • Crease Brush  – used to add dramatic contrast 
  • Eyeliner Brush  – flat tip brush, for creating a fuller lash line or cat-eye looking
  • Brow Brush  – same as an Eyebrow brush
  • Mascara Wand  – used for upper and lower lash lines

 List of Best Natural Eye Shadow palettes 

  1. Brown eyeshadow
  2. Gold eyeshadow
  3. Flat eyeshadow brush
  4. Nude eyeshadow
  5. Black eyeshadow
  6. Soft peach eyeshadow
  7. Blush pink eyeshadow
  8. Rose gold eyeshadow
  9. Soft brown eyeshadow
  10. Light purple eyeshadow
  11. Plum eyeshadow
  12. Beige eyeshadow
  13. Grey eyeshadow
  14. Aqua blue eyeshadow
  15. Coral shimmer eyeshadow
  16. Silver eyeshadow
  17. Warm brown eyeshadow
  18. Copper eyeshadow
  19. Green eyeshadow
  20. Pearl eyeshadow
  21. Peach eyeshadow
  22. Navy eyeshadow
  23. Chestnut brown eyeshadow
  24. Shell eyeshadow

Step By Step Natural Eye Shadow Application Guide for Beginners

Brown and gold soft eye makeup

Brown And Gold Eye Makeup
Brown And Gold Eye Makeup

Materials :

  1. Brown eyeshadow
  2. Gold eyeshadow
  3. Thin brush
  4. Blending brush
  5. Mascara

Applying methods of Brown and gold soft eye makeup:

  •  Apply eye makeup primer
  •  Using a thin brush, add brown shadow outside of the eye.
  • Helping with a flat brush, use gold eyeshadow in the central position.
  • With a blending brush, blend the shadow properly. You can use mascara to finish the look

Soft Smokey Eye

Soft Smokey Natural Eyeshadow

This art looks great in the evening or at night. 

Materials :

  1. Flat brush
  2. Nude eyeshadow
  3. Brown eyeshadow
  4. Black eyeshadow
  5. eyeliner
  6. Mascara 

Applying methods of Soft Smokey eyes:

  • Cover the eyelids with primer and nude eyeshadow.
  • Scrape the upper and lower waterline with an eyeliner pencil.
  • Rub the brown eyeshadow with a flat brush on the eyelids and the bottom lash line.
  • Do the same process with Blake Eyeshadow and blend it well.

Gold Festive Eye

Gold festive eye makeup

Its use will make you bright and youthful.

Materials :

  • Golden eyeshadow
  • Brown eyeliner pencil and flat brush
  • Black liquid eyeliner and blending brush
  • Mascara  

Applying methods of Gold Festive eyeshadow:

  • Draw a semi-circle on the crease of the eyelid with a brown eyeliner pencil.
  • Continue to rub with a flat brush until you see the harsh line and blend properly at the center with golden eyeshadow.
  • Rub the brown eyeshadow with a flat brush on the eyelids and the bottom lash line.
  • Draw a winged line on the upper lash line with the black liquid eyeliner. 

Simple Day Look Eye

Simple time saving eye makeup

Materials :

  • Golden eyeshadow
  • Soft peach eyeshadow
  • Blush pink and black eyeshadow
  • Flat brush
  • Mascara  

Applying methods of Simple day look eyeshadow:

  • Cover the eyelid with a nude eyeshadow
  • Apply Soft peach Shadow to your crease with a blending brush.
  • Apply blush pink eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Then Use the eyeshadow along the lash line with the angular brush.
  • At-last, blend with a blending brush.

Deep Blue Eyeshadow

Deep blue eye makeup

Materials :

  • Nude eyeshadow
  • Blue and white eyeliner pencil
  • Flat brush and angle brush
  • Mascara  

Applying methods of Deep Blue Eyeshadow:

  • Make wings along two lash lines with a blue eyeliner
  • With a flat brush, blend the outer corners of the eye along with lash line as well
  • Apply nude eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Continue mixing the packs to the lower lash line with an angled brush, until well blended
  • Use the white eyeliner pencil on the lower lash line and the waterline. Use also a thick coat of mascara.

Time Saving Eye Makeup

When you don’t have time, this art will save you time. You can make this makeup within 5 minutes

Materials :

  • Brown and shell eyeshadow
  • Kohl, flat brush
  • Mascara  

Applying methods of Time Saving Eye Makeup:

  • First, apply a primer or concealer.
  • Brighten the eyelids with shell eyeshadow.
  • In the crease, use brown color. Make a wing outside the lash line. Also, apply mascara.

So, Although there is no need to use anything for the face or eye, many want natural art through eye shadow to make themselves more attractive. Wish, you will select the best eye shadow and apply them correctly to your skin. In all sectors, please be careful about yourself. Because so many times, it’s hard to remove makeup.

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