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Human nature is to do a beauty test. They have been testing their appearance since time immemorial. Allah(God) has created us so well that men and women are weak to each other. Such a beautiful structure isn’t seen in any other animal. Yet everyone wants to be a little bit more beautiful. So, They want to learn the right way. There are different types of people in society, whose characteristics are different from others. Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Ever been jealous of yourself ? Have you noticed how many cosmetics have been developed since the industrial revolution? Yes, everything is made for someone’s beauty test. 

Ever or in the face, sometimes on the head, on the hands or the feet, use of all this content makes oneself attractive to others. Again, many like to use cosmetics on themselves at home, and many prefer to go to the beauty parlor. Many go to the wedding, go around, or go to the party, whatever we do everyone takes a little furnished. Today we will know how we can serve/test ourselves beautifully, what kind of materials are available, and how to use them. 

What You’ll Do, To The Beauty Test Of Skin?

Human skin has variations in different environments and regions. Basically, based upon the dyes called melanin – skin color can be white, black, and brunette. However, if you want to keep this skin beautiful, free from diseases like acne or sweat rashes, or others, you should know its condition. And then you will understand how important it is to test your skin beauty.

Let’s Get an Idea About Skin Types

There are four types of skin.

  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin

Normal Skin Type:

It’s not too dry nor too oily. It has- 

  • No imperfections
  • No severe sensitivity
  • Visible pores
  • A radiant complexion

Dry skin

Dry produce less sebum than normal skin. Due to the shortness of sebum, the amount of dry skin lipids are extremely low. Its job is to keep the skin moisturized and save from outside germs

Oily skin

Oily skin refers to the excess production of sebum. This overproduction is called seborrhea.

Combination skin

In some cases, the skin may be dry or normal and even maybe oily. So, it may need different care in specific areas.

I think you have got an idea about the skin conditions, and now based on this theory you will be able to know- how to use Vaseline, eye-based eye shadow makeup, removing makeup with makeup remover, also detailed lips, hairstyles such as hair growth, signs of balding conditions, etc and many more. Because a proverb says that health is wealth, in another sense beautiful skin affects the mind.

How can you get a beautiful face?

The rate of beauty test is higher on the face than the other parts. Because the face is the source of all beauty. So, everyone applies so many things over the face. The imagination of one’s is only about his/her hairstyles, how to make the eye natural with eye shadow makeup, caring for lips with oil, not only gel, or balm, or lipsticks. Facial beauty doesn’t only mean washing your face with face wash, rather the proper use of all products. We will discuss some such types of cosmetics that you can try.

  • Makeup for the whole face
  • Eye shadow for eyes
  • Varieties of lipstick 
  • Applying the balm or mask.
  • Ear-rings and different styles of hair cut (for men and women).
  • Apart from, dressing/fashion is the main factor to attract others matching with face shape or look. Some health tips that make you fit and strong physically or mentally, if you obey the rules.

Take Care Of What Matters Before The Beauty Test.

Our face is more sensitive than other organs of our body, so it is important to take special care of the skin before and after makeup. Before applying makeup, you should pay special attention to 5 things.

  1. Wash your face

When starting makeup, you should first wash your face thoroughly so that your skin isn’t damaged. Because, if the skin is sweaty or dusty, the use of makeup will damage the skin.

  1. Exfoliate the skin

You need to take special care to ensure that your skin becomes smooth and the cells cleansed. This will allow your makeup to be evenly matched.

  1. Use the toner

The next step is to use a toner after using the scrubber. It is better to use cotton or cotton balls to apply toner to the face. So it will remove the fatigue effect on your skin and the skin texture will become fresher than ever.

  1. Keep the skin moisturized

Now massage your face with a cream or moisturizer. It will remove the roughness of your skin and make soften the inside. Wait for at least 10 minutes before you start makeup or moisturizer.

  1. Apply rose-water

Finally, you should put rosewater on your face. Now you can also apply a primer because your skin is now fully formed. As a result of using makeup, there will be no more damage to your skin.

What Cosmetics Will be in Your Makeup Box?

You may not always be well-groomed. So, you should have some of the accessories in your collection. First of all, determine your skin color. See what color you are- white, dark, brunette or suppressed.

Select the foundation

Select the foundation based on color. Those whose skin color is bright can choose the pink tone foundation. Holders of suppressed colors can choose the foundations closer to the body color. And the light yellow-toned foundation looks good with bright brown. Then choose a face powder matching with the color of the foundation. 

Choose eye shadow

Now is the time to choose eye shadow and lipstick. When buying eye shadows, give importance to the colors that will fit with all the clothing. The colors can be brown, gold, silver, bronze, and so on. See if there are blue, green, pink, black colors with it.

Choose the lipsticks and concealer

Those whose skin is bright, light-colored lipsticks are more adaptable. Suppressed skin can take the pink colors. Purple, orange, and pink can be used for brunette.

Those who have acne scars, freckles spots, dark spots under the eyes, can use a concealer. The concealer must apply before the Foundation.

Blush and kohl color

Brown and pink blushes are enough to buy for the shades. Those who are not proficient in using eyeliner can buy kohl. Three types of kohl are enough- black, blue, and green. 

Brushes Types

Right brush is also important when it comes to face makeup. In that case, buy a large brush for blush, a smooth for eyeshadow, and two to three brushes for medium. Buy a sponge and a brush for mixing the foundation and powder. 

Nail Polish and Hair tools

Also, buy two pink and red color nail polishes. You will need a hairdryer and a hair iron for your hair accessories. Hair spray or gel can be used to last any hair type.

Instructions to Make a Beauty Test

In the above, you have known about different body well-groomed styles. Now, you should learn how you are, that means how is your personality. Because someone will be called handsome only when all his/her qualities are impossibly good. It’s then called overall beauty. Let’s play a personality test quiz, you have asked 10 questions that will be scored out of 100. Just choose one answer from each question. This is also known as Dr. Phil’s personality test. He has got 55. Don’t fear, it’s a fully open question. Just, be a patient while answering. Let’s mark for each answer.

Marks Distribution Table for Quiz

Question Noabcdef

Dr. Phil’s Beauty Personality Test Quiz

1) When you feel so happy?

  • In the morning
  • Between afternoon and evening
  • At night

2) Your walking style-

  •  Fast and long steps
  •  Fast and short steps
  •  Less fast, heads up, seeing the nature around you
  •  Less fast, bowing your head
  •  Slowly motion

3) Your movement, when talking with others-

  •  Fold your arms on chest
  •  Clasped your hands
  •  Will the one or both hands on your hips
  •  Touch the person whom you are talking
  •  Touch your ear, or chin, or hair

4) Your relaxing styles-

  •  Bend your knees and sit in front of your face
  •  Legs are Crossed position
  •  Both are straight
  •  One is curled and other straight

5) When something too much amuses you, your react is-

  • Welcome with a loud laugh
  • Laugh but not loud
  • Silence mode
  • A shy smile

6) When you present at a party, then-

  • Entrance with a warm welcome
  • Silent entrance and search for someone
  • Silent entrance but like to stay alone

7) Someone interferes you but you are in a deep working- 

  • Welcome with smile
  • Get very angry 
  • Have a middle position (not too much angry, not too much smile)

8) Your favorite color-

  • Red or orange
  • Black
  • Yellow or light blue
  • Green
  • Deep blue or purple
  • Gray or brown

9) Your position in going to bed at night-

  • Have straight
  • Upside down
  • Tilted to one side
  • Putting the head on one hand
  • Leaving the head under the pillow

10) How often do you dream

  • You are falling from something
  • Fighting or run away
  • Searching for someone/something
  • Flying/floating
  • Dreamless
  • Enjoyable dream

Result for Beauty Test Quiz

After answering all the questions, please find the sum/total score according to the table that has given above. Then, match your numbers given below and know how you are!

1. If you got above 60 marks-

  • You are egocentric and like to dominate.
  • You will be admired, but not always credible.
  • Many will not want to be close.

2. When your mark is 51-60

  • You are attractive, animated, emotional. 
  • Strong personality, a team leader, long-sighted.
  • Quick-decision maker, whether it’s right or wrong. 
  • Brave and adventurous.
  • Everyone likes to get to your company.

3. If your score is 41-50 then-

  • You are authentic, close to life, beautiful, and a realistic person.
  • You are kind, considerate, and like to help people.

4. When it’s 31-40 then- 

  • You are wise, cautious, caring for anyone, realistic, clever, talented, and humble.
  • Anyone can accompany you easily. You can easily trust someone.
  • But if someone breaks faith, never trust him again.

5. Your point is 21-30 then- 

  • You are boring and busy in nature.
  • Everyone knows you as tactful and negative minded.
  • Not talented, but energetic.

6. And last when you below 21 then- 

  • You are very shy and nervous.
  • Always suffering from indecision.
  • Then you are boring.
  • You will suffer a long time in your personal life.

I wish, the result is now at your hand and you can identify yourself. What a quiz! Take a break for days and try again, then see what improves. Keep in mind that the lower the number, the better the result.

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