167/100 blood pressure

167/100 Blood Pressure? Lower it within just 5 minutes

Facing problems with 167/100 blood pressure all time? I know how fear is in these situations. In which residence have a word called disease they won’t get happy. Trust me you will be a poison to the eyes of another person. It pains not only the patients but also other family members. Huge money and time lost to the behind of doctors and medical treatment. The main causes of hypertension are tension.

 I have a great experience with it, I have seen these type of patients very closely. There’s no timetable to facing hypertension. Especially, it took a place in the morning time and afternoon. These types of patients are to update the readings all time. So, they should keep a reading machine.

Make a real friend who will care for you always, it would be great if from your family. Today, I am going to share my practical knowledge about high blood pressure in detail and how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly at home within a few times.

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167/100 High Blood Pressure Definition

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. The main works of the heart are to flow the blood in arteries in a normal way by delivering oxygen. But for some reason, if the cell walls become narrow, blood is getting in a barrier called High blood pressure(hypertension). In a word says, the higher pressure of blood than normal is hypertension. It is also known as the “silent killer”.

Normally, blood pressure has two parts by heart to the vessels- 1) Systolic pressure. 2) Diastolic pressure.

Systolic pressure happens when the heart in a contract or beats mode and it’s the higher point of readings.

Diastolic pressure happens when the heart in a rest mode between beats and it’s the lower point of readings

High Blood Pressure Chart

hyertension chart

Depends on the methods of blood pressure it has 4 stages. All the stages are not signified as a high Bp. There are different conditions based on age. Blood pressure measures in- mm Hg (millimeters mercury).

  • Normal stage
  • Prehypertension stage
  • Hypertension stage-1
  • Hypertension stage-2
  • Hypertensive crisis
StagesSystolic Pressure (mm Hg)Diastolic Pressure (mm Hg)
Normal< 120< 80
Hypertension stage-1140-15990-99
Hypertension stage-2160 or above100 or above
Hypertensive crisis  Over 180Over 110

High Blood Pressure Signs, Symptoms, and Risk

High pressure signs and risk

In most hypertensive patients have some common signs and symptoms. Others won’t feel your pains. Even they don’t ask your conditions, because it seems to others you are well at that critical situations. So, keep in mind some symptoms.

  • Up to 80/120 (mmHg) normal blood pressure. 120+ is the risk
  • Pains of back part (right neck vessel wall), too much headache,
  • Vomiting, uneasy feeling, boring to speaking, and listening.
  • Feels injured on Kidney and blurred.
  • Heartburn, increased heartbeat, breathlessness, and completely weakness (sometimes you may face in lips chapping)

If not treated in time, it can damage the brain, heart, eyes, kidneys even sexual functionality and may lead to death. So, immediately go to the specialist.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

In studies says that, there’s no exact reasons for hypertension. But, lifestyle, foods, age, tension, and genetics history may lead to a high Bp. Apart from, irregular eating habits also affect this disease. If you don’t take a meal at a proper time for so many years, once you will suffer from gastric problem and that’s may occur HBP.

Yet some common causes can be mentioned for this terrible situation.

  • If you take too much white salt in your eating habits and you have cholesterol.
  • If have BP in your family or others, along with diabetes and kidney problems there’s a little bit of chance.
  • Overweight, aged, and not interested in physical exercise.
  • If you are used to smoking or soft drinks and take drugs for a long time, then it has a chance to attack by high blood pressure.

What are the High Blood Pressure Readings?

Normal point of BP at any age is 80/120 mmHg by the measurement machine. Here 80 means “Diastolic pressure” and 120 means “Systolic pressure”. It may not high pressure all time, may lower blood pressure, normal, and even at hypertensive blood pressure that is at a risk.

Although, we know the range of the blood pressure but you should understand clearly. But, one thing is now how can you know the readings. For this, rather you have to keep a reading machine with you all time. As you can’t go to the doctor at any time, the stethoscope or other digital reading machine helps you to take necessary steps at that time. This machine is mandatory for hypertensive patients.

Lower blood pressure-

Diastolic pressure: excessive less than 80 mmHg.

Normal blood pressure-

Diastolic pressure: less than or equal to 80 mmHg

Systolic pressure: less than or equal to 120 mmHg

Prehypertension or elevated blood pressure-

Diastolic pressure: 80 to 89 mmHg

Systolic pressure: 120 to 139 mmHg

Hypertension (blood pressure) stage 1-

Diastolic pressure: from 90 to 99 mmHg

Systolic pressure: from 140 to 159 mmHg

Hypertension (blood pressure) stage 2-

Diastolic pressure: from 100 mmHg to higher

Systolic pressure: from 160 mmHg to higher

Hypertensive crisis-

Diastolic pressure: upper of 110 mmHg

Systolic pressure: upper of 180 mmHg

Please keep this reading chart in your memory. Always remember, you are only is yourself nobody cares you

What Does mean 167/100 Blood Pressure?

According to the above chart, I think you are now a self-physician. Yet, I am also helping you to find out your blood pressure readings. What do you understand? Just scroll up and find what stages you are in. Right? Hypertensive crisis? No, because it’s 110/180. Then? It’s 160/100 in range. It seems that you are in the stage of Hypertension (blood pressure) stage 2. 167/100 mmHg, higher than 160 mmHg, and 100 mmHg is equal to the desired range. Worried? do not to worry about it, just always keep yourself in afloat mode. You can measure the other readings like 150/100, 150/90, 160/100, 160/80, 160/90, 160/94 mmHg blood pressure also.

Now, if I ask you when is the high blood pressure reach out an emergency point?

Carefully find your measure range from the readings chart(above) and answer me to the comment box, you have at your own way.

How to Lower Blood Pressure on the Spot within 5 Minutes? 

How to lower blood pressure spot

Sometimes many hypertensive patients don’t care about the symptoms, they try to keep themselves in a silent mode. As a result, it goes into a terrible situation. In some cases, you may at a risk of strokes. Patients relatives should be taken him/her to the hospital quickly or under treatment home doctor. To lower the risk of strokes you should then use cold normal water in your scalp or head. You can feel better at that moment; it’s recommended to take one step also very quickly.

When you understand you are at a risk position, follow the rules if you have no prescribed medicines. It’s very effective in detoxing your body. You will be surprised at this natural remedy; it contains full of vitamin c found in our kitchen. Lemon, right? Great for detox your body. You will be okay within 5 to 15 minutes.

High blood pressure treatment or remedies at home:

  1. First, take some soft hot water.
  2. One piece of slicing lemon
  3. One piece of whole garlic
  4. Squeeze them well and mix with light hot water properly and drink it instantly, don’t late.

Trust me it’s a miracle natural medicine, proven by so many people. There’s no side effect, at least it can prevent the strokes then go to the doctor. Try this method also with your regular medicine at least 2 times a day. If you continue only 7 days, you can see the instant result. The high 167/100 mmHg blood pressure will be in a normal mode. You can also search for the benefits of lemon juice over the internet. That is why you should keep a stethoscope or digital machine with yourself to checking the pressure label.

Note: Don’t take for so many days, because though lemon juice has great benefits but also some bad effects if you have gas problems.

Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure    

There’s some foods that are really dangerous for hyper tensed patients. Some foods can increase the normal flow rate of blood pressure and some can block the blood circulation path.

Don’t take

  • white salt,
  • meat with 4 legs animals,
  • pizza, too much sugar,
  • oils that are rich in fats,
  • canned tomato products and
  • try to avoid soft drinks.
  • Smoking although it’s not a food

Blood Pressure Calculator

Basically, you won’t be able to calculate the readings in your own way without a device. You have to go to the doctor or have to buy a sphygmomanometer with a stethoscope or a digital blood pressure monitor machine. Yet, you can try a method for calculating beats by your hand. But it won’t show the exact result.

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Hold your right hand’s pulse with your left 2 figures under the older figure. Now, take a stopwatch to count for 15 seconds. You have to also measure the pulse that means for 15 seconds how many beats have been counted. Then calculate (4*counted pulse). We know our heartbeats 72 times per 60 seconds. So, if you find the result is almost 72 or something over you are in a normal position but if it’s too much you are in hypertensive mode. Also, check your chest by your hand’s clap.

Hypertension Blood Pressure Exercises

Yoga excercise for high BP

Exercise can escape you from high BP. Take regular exercise twice a day. Among all of the physical exercises walking seems to be ideal. But others also have.

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Cycling
  • Works in your garden
  • Sports
  • Different types of Yoga

Effective Drugs To Control Blood Pressure

Now when you know what causes high blood pressure and what exercises can aid in keeping it in control, it is better to take some effective medication to maintain it at a controlled level. Here are some examples of medications, which can help you cater for your health needs.

Disclaimer – Ask your doctor before you try any of these medicines to control your blood pressure.

1. Garlique Healthy Blood Pressure Formula 

2. Genius Heart & Cardiovascular Health Supplement 

3. Longevity Blood Pressure Formula

4. Blood Pressure Support Supplement with Hawthorn and Hibiscus 

5. Blood Pressure Optimizer™ by Dr Sam Robbins

So, at last don’t overthink about a subject. Keep calm and quiet. Keep distance from crowded. Always update your reading 167/100 blood pressure and advice from your doctors. It may not in the same condition all times. Exercise a regular basis and abide by the estimated rules, you will overcome hypertension.

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