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Makeup steps in order
Style of hair cropped close to the scalp
Oil for lips

How to describe brown eyes? I am sure you are getting surprised by such beauty parlor questions. Don’t you? Well, 79% of the world population is brown eye color that is more common. 8% -10% has blue, 5% amber or hazel eyes, and 2% has green eyes.

Makeup steps in order

How to Do Professional Makeup Steps in Order by Yourself

When applying makeup what goes on first? You have to know proper makeup steps in order by order. Most want

Describe Brown Eyes

How to Describe Brown Eyes Specialty with Makeup

How to describe brown eyes? I am sure you are getting surprised by such questions. Don’t you? Well, 79% of

Beauty Test Beauty Parlor Beauty Parlour Beauty salon

Beauty Test Quiz! Boost Your Personality.

Human nature is to do a beauty test. They have been testing their appearance since time immemorial. Allah(God) has created

There are rarely people who haven’t faced the signs of balding, especially at different ages like 18, 20, 21, 25, 35s. Most of the people are less satisfied with the density of their hair. As per the usual rules of beauty parlour daily life, some old hair falls off, and new hair grows.

Signs of New Hair Growth

How To Understand Signs Of New Hair Growth- More Tips To Regrow.

Signs of new hair growth entirely depend on your scalp. People of all ages face this problem. It can be

Style of hair cropped close to the scalp

Style Of Hair Cropped Close To The Scalp Hairstyle Guidelines For All Ages.

Style of hair means how to cropped or styling hair close to the scalp. In this new era, we are

Hair Loss after Surgery

Effect of Hair Loss After Surgery and Prevention Tips?

Most of us are worried about hair fall, especially men. Hair loss after surgery, it is even more depressing. In

Vaseline is a popular  Beauty Parlour brand of petroleum jelly that is actually not edible. It is a mixture of minerals and wax that is easily dispersed. Petroleum jelly is being used as a healing agent for the treatment of wounds, burns, and skin rashes for 140 years.

Lip gloss set for teenager

10 Best Surprising Gift Lip gloss Set for Teenager

If you are getting bored by lipstick or want to wish someone, take a lip gloss set for your teenager(10-12

Oil for lips

Oils that are Good for Lips, Perhaps You don’t Know the Power.

There’s some oils that are good for lips will be surprised you, these oils work like as balm and gel.


Is Vaseline Edible? Solutions Of All Questions.

Vaseline is a popular brand of petroleum jelly that is actually not edible. It is a composition of minerals and


Only 1 Formula to Cure Disorders Silicon Cupping(Hijama) at Home

Modern science is wondering about the benefits of cupping and silicon cupping (silicon cupping is one of the part of

167/100 blood pressure

167/100 Blood Pressure? Lower Just within 5 Minutes.

Facing problems with 167/100 blood pressure all time? I know how fear is these situations. In which residence have a

How to get rid of heat rash scars

How to Get Rid of Heat Rash Scars

As a result of rash, scars spot may placed so we have to fight against rash and have to know

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